This technique is made to help you solve the forgotten password problems, but not to guide you to sabotage others. Thank you for your wisdom.

This is done in two stages, and this is the first step to do is to replace Utilman.exe by the Windows command prompt. You can follow the steps on the second link at the end of the chapter.

First, if you have the problem on the Windows password, be sure to insert the DVD windows7 installation in the drive of your computer. if your computer does not have a reader follow: how to create a bootable USB windows7.

When the Windows 7 DVD is in the drive. then restart your computer for your computer to must boot from the DVD. Before doing so be sure to check the bios setting if the DVD is first boot your PCif not do.


At first start, look up there is a text that shows "Press any key to boot with the DVD" then press any key on your keyboard. (Careful this message is not displayed in permanent, but for 10 second, then quickly pressed when the text appears.

Windows support files for a second and after a Windows 7 window display as follows:

Then select "Repair computer".

When the system recovery option appears, click Command Prompt.


And now the administrator command prompt is launched:
we will about to introduce into the Windows file, but before taking the next step, identify where is the partition that contains the operating system. in general, it is in the C:

to enter to the directory C, simply type



then confirm
after, move in the windows / system32 folder,

to do it, type


cd Windows
cd System32

We then creates a backup of Utilman.exe file, which will allow you to restore it later:

by this command


copy Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.bak

then confirm


after, we replaced ergonomic options, Utilman.exe by the cmd.exe command prompt Windows

by :


copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

and confirm when the confirmation message is displayed, please answer Yes


When all this is done, close the command prompt, and then click Restart.
Now you can reset the password of Windows accounts on your PC.
To reset the Windows password, please follow the steps below.

Reset windows 7 password


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