When you have finished the last step in Chapter 1, be sure to restart your computer.
At logon,
press Windows + U to which launches the command prompt instead of in Utilman or Windows tool ergonomics.

And now, we'll be on resetting password, for doing type the following command on the command prompt:


net user "username" new_password


This technique is made to help you solve the forgotten password problems, but not to guide you to sabotage others. Thank you for your wisdom.

This is done in two stages, and this is the first step to do is to replace Utilman.exe by the Windows command prompt. You can follow the steps on the second link at the end of the chapter.

First, if you have the problem on the Windows password, be sure to insert the DVD windows7 installation in the drive of your computer. if your computer does not have a reader follow: how to create a bootable USB windows7.


Here is a simple method to create a USB boot for Windows 7.

With this tutorial you need a computer with a DVD drive to play the system and make a copy to USB before installing it on another computer that does not include a DVD player. Here are the steps to follow ....


If you like to have your still empty trash every time you start your computer. You can do well without need support technicians or others expert. Here are the steps to empty the trash has automatically every time Windows starts:

Press WIN + R (start / run) and type Sysedit and click OK or Enter.



How to run the command prompt as administrator.

Many people had problems in the tutorials of the net to open the command prompt as an administrator, but some commands are not valid only administrator. So we are obliged to launch the administrator CMD. The steps are very simple as the following.