how to remove write protection of USB keys. This is another easier way to remove the write protection from your USB stick. In our next article we have used the removal of protection by changing the registry and use a "USB writte prottect" software.

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How to fix a damaged hard drive
To repair errors in a hard drive just use the simple tool for Windows, this tool is integrated in any Windows operating system to check for errors is defective parts of your hard drive.

This tool is very simple to use, but required lower careful not to fall into a serious error for your particular stores in the disk.

this tool is the use of "Checkdisk" command:

Checkdisk the command:

1-Checks all files.

2-Verified wholes indexes

3-Checks security descriptors

4-Check data file

5-Check free space

Is the use of "Checkdisk" command, but this command always causes the disappearance of the partition table of a hard disk, then before using the "Checkdisk" tool it is strongly recommended to scrub data important in the hard disk if possible.{jcomments on}

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USB write protect

Your flash is write protected, you try formatted, but Windows displays message refused for formatting, you do not lose hope, it is still serviceable.
Here the technique to repair or remove the write protection of flash.

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