And now it's finally here!
Your computer is infected with a VIRUS!

Could you have avoided?
Yes, provided you follow some simple rules.

A nice new computer unprotected attacked by a simple sneaky malware, a simple little virus can cause slowdowns or even make your computer unusable. To avoid viruses, you need a good antivirus in Windows is essential in MAC is less necessary. A good antivirus will save you fail to lose everything on your computer.

On the Internet you will be able to download free anti-virus (AVG or Avast 5 for example) but remember to turn them on and, most importantly, make regular updates.
Even better, some anti-virus allows you to schedule automatic updates. Do it when you can!

Free solutions are interesting ...

but often limited in their capabilities and features. If you can invest a few dollars, opt for paid solutions all-in-one. These solutions will not only do the job of anti-virus, but in addition, will take on other roles such as anti-spyware, anti-backdoor, etc ... and the monitoring of e-mails entrants, all seamlessly while you work on your computer.

But back to the virus. A virus can come in several ways:

a USB drive or CD for example someone you kindly lent unaware that an infected file is inside!
a program downloaded from the Internet that you do not suspect of being malicious (ie "clean your PC thanks to our totally free program")
by peer-to-peer exchange of films, music, software owner (eg Emule - Kazaa)
by receiving a single email containing an attachment that could for example have this name picture.jpg.exe (here it is the last extension to be taken into account, it is undoubtedly a well hidden malware)

To avoid catastrophe, adopt good habits:

When you download new programs, always go to the anti-virus software before opening them and prefer sites that have set up shop, especially for software elsewhere.

When you download music, movies, make sure your antivirus program has a site verification peer-to-peer networks, often paying for this virus but if you are customary due, do not hesitate to spend a few euros! Better! Prefer legal sites! This prevents a call to order related to the Hadopi law ...

For your emails, absolutely avoid configure your mail with an overview of the messages! You'll spot more easily mails like "RE ..." is an email response when you do not know the sender?
This is typically the subject of questionable messages.
As a general rule, never open a message that you do not know the sender, especially if it contains an attachment.
Here too the antivirus can scan your mail server and identify potential intruders. And finally, NEVER open an attachment in an email, save it and then pass it to the antivirus.

Please note if your computer has been attacked by a virus, it will clean everything thoroughly, see reformatting your hard drive! So remember to regularly make external backups of your files!

These rules should already allow you to greatly reduce the risk of infection by a virus.
Find all the tips and methods to "give life" to your Windows PC by going to the article on this subject on my blog: http: // give it back to life-to-your-pc /



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