Technical pc has been published many techniques to unlock the write protect USB key for some months, and now here's an article to summarize all the possible techniques for repairing USB protect scriptures.

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In a few weeks , a lot of websites that seem articles about the release of Retina iPad mini in 2014 , many sources say that it is very difficult to see this new product from Apple this year, according to analyst Rhoda Alexander IHS , this product is not possible to see on the market at the beginning of 2014 .

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Repairing a USB impossible formatted

Some USB are protected and not a formatted, if this problem happens also to your USB drive , here's a simple trick to repair and accessed by Windows Explorer . This problem is caused by malicious software in a computer that you connect the USB drive. So , it is necessary to use a specific software manufacturing or repair USB to re- installed the firmware of this USB key .

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USB write protect

Your flash is write protected, you try formatted, but Windows displays message refused for formatting, you do not lose hope, it is still serviceable.
Here the technique to repair or remove the write protection of flash.

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How to optimize Windows XP startup? Optimize is to make faster startup, to optimize, it is necessary to change some settings in Windows registry. Here is the simplest techniques to modify the startup parameter: First press the key combination "WIN + R" or Start and then Run, type "regedit" and confirm with the enter key.

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